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November 26, 2018
       Trouble that is unexpected with product using routinely may be in an accident.
  It is "recall" to be performed to prevent outbreak and recurrence of such a damage.
   At first, it leads to reliable safe everyday living to be interested in information of recall.

 ☆What is recall?
   When it is revealed that product is defective by fault in design and fabrication or when product accident occurs,
  To prevent outbreak and expansion of harm for telling consumers about the information quickly, and calling for cancellation of use
  It is to take measures of of this.
   Recall varies in law and person in charge of product ministries and government offices becoming grounds for each type. For example, recall of car
  Recall about Road Vehicles Law, pharmaceutical products and cosmetics of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism jurisdiction Pharmaceutical Affairs Law of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare jurisdiction
  It becomes measures based on this.

   Recall information is not handed down, and serious accident happens.
  It is important to be interested in recall information to prevent accident. Recall information "Consumer Affairs Agency 
  We can confirm with recall information site (the following link). Let's confirm positively.

  "Consumer Affairs Agency recall information site"

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