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The last update date:
July 31, 2020
We make rule in the use of smoking area in Shizuoka-shi to use public smoking area safely.
We follow rule and manner and would appreciate your using comfortably.

The use rule of public smoking area

Please leave clearance with one 1m or more.
Interval with people 1m or more

In 2 smoking areas, please avoid conversation and call.
We do not do conversation, call

You leave if you breathe 3 one, and please shorten sojourn time.

In 4 rush hours, please avoid the use.

In smoking area, we will stay in limited space without many people wearing a mask.
We follow rule by all means and would appreciate your using to reduce infectious disease risk.

Request to where smoking area is used

(1) Around smoking area becomes walking-smoking prohibition district. Please smoke by all means in smoking area.
(2) Please avoid smoking in smoking area entrance passage so that smoke of cigarette does not leak from smoking area.
(3) Please do not leave garbage in smoking area.
(4) Smoking area may be closed down without notice by infectious disease measures or social conditions.

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