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The last update date:
October 1, 2018

Consultation counter (business owner) about job offer

■Consultation of job offer…
HelloWork Shizuoka (job offer, office support section)
HelloWork Shimizu (plan, job offer section)

Consultation counter (business owner) about working conditions

■Consultation about working conditions (wage, working hours, holiday) of employee, safe hygiene, workmen's accident compensation insurance…
General labor consultation corner (Shizuoka labor bureau)
Citizens of central part life center (Shizuoka)
Labor consultation Q&A (Shizuoka)
Labor consultation (Shizuoka-shi)
Working conditions relievedly line (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

■Consultation about man and woman equality of the workplace, childcare, family care leave, part time labor…
The employment environment, equal room (Shizuoka labor bureau)
■Consultation about mental health of the workplace…
Mental health consultation (Shizuoka-shi) of the workplace
■Consultation about coexistence support of treatment and careers such as cancers…
Shizuoka industrial health synthesis support center ((Germany) worker health security mechanism)

Consultation counter about upbringing, fixation support of human resources

■Consultation about the employment management improvement for the purpose of upbringing, security, fixation of human resources…
Shizuoka work-style reform promotion support center (the Shizuoka labor bureau, Shizuoka medium and small-sized business group center society)
■Consultation about personnel training, skill up of employee…
Improvement in productivity personnel training support center (poritekusenta Shizuoka)

About hiring grant

When it faces each other toward the unemployment insurance application corporation, there is grant system of various hirings. For more details, please see Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare homepage. In addition, reception desk, counters in charge are different every various grants. As information about reception desk, consultation counter is placed in Shizuoka labor bureau homepage, please confirm concrete procedure, detailed condition, payment contents in each counter in charge by all means.

About grant (Shizuoka labor bureau)
Hiring grant (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) for business owner

Free consultation counter (until October 30) for proprietor troubled with new coronavirus

 Under the influence of new coronavirus infectious disease, we established consultation counter to be able to use free for city company which had problem and anxiety for management or the employment.
 Small and medium size company doctor and social insurance consultant are smooth, and they will meet fund raising, consultation about management including management improvement program planning and labor adjustment grant, consultation about labor, the employment including revision of office regulations depending on the situation of consultant.

About free consultation counter for company, workers troubled with new coronavirus

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