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The last update date:
May 1, 2020
 We established special website "# yell Shizuoka" to support people of commerce including restaurant affected by closure request and going out self-restraint by preventive measures against infection spread of new coronavirus.
 In "# yell Shizuoka", introducing site places information of restaurant which provides information of available service in closure request periods such as takeout delivery a lot. In addition, to change of the situation, we introduce campaigns for economic recovery sequentially.

Person of commerce support website # yell Shizuoka

 #For more information about yell Shizuoka, look at special site.

Person of commerce support website # yell Shizuoka

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#Yell Shizuoka link banner

#In yell Shizuoka, principle link is free.
Linked URL: https://www.at-s.com/city/yellshizuoka/
Anyone can download banner without asking toward company, group, the individual.
Size of banner for link is fuku 200 pixels, height 60 pixels.

But Shizuoka-shi shall not take any responsibility about contents of origin of link and group. In addition, contents of site belong to managers of the site and shall have nothing to do with Shizuoka-shi.

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