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June 12, 2019

Patients with measles occurred in Shizuoka-shi

There was outbreak of patients with measles (for one person) in Shizuoka-shi.
  ・There is foreign tour career (Vietnam)
  ・Man (the city Aoi-ku residence) in twenties 
  ・We are missing in vaccination career

 As a result of there being reporting from the city medical institution to city health center on June 11, 2019, and having carried out genetic test at Shizuoka-shi environmental health research institute, it was settled to be measles.
 After carrying out epidemiology survey by patient at Shizuoka-shi public health center, it turned out that we used the following means of transportation.
When symptom (fever, rash, hyperemia of eyes) to suspect measles in with idea appears, please have a medical examination after contact to medical institution immediately beforehand.
 In addition, please connect with the nearest public health center if there is that we are worried.
 (measles usually develops after) for (up to around 21 days for 10-12 days after being infected with virus)

[means of transportation that patients with measles used, and might contact the unspecified number of people]  
Day that we took advantage of: From June 7, 2019 to June 10 (we use every day at the same time during period)

<time that means of transportation name, patient took advantage of> 
  Arrival at ⇒ Shizuoka Station around 7:30 at authority of static iron bus book Hatcho eyes rapekku Shizuoka around 7:20       
           Arrival at authority of Shizuoka Station 16:50 hatsukoro ⇒ book Hatcho eyes rapekku Shizuoka around 17:00

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