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The last update date:
September 25, 2020
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We tell about various information about new coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19) in a mass.
"There being stipend te anything" What "should refer to where"
We settled various support for citizen's all of you who had a problem under the influence of new coronavirus infectious disease!

Support page associated with new coronavirus infectious disease

 We tell about main support such as stipend or grant to various places of personal/sole proprietor, freelance/medium and small-sized business/large company.
We support hometown very much well! ... yell Shizuoka ...
We settled business of Shizuoka-shi that supported citizen's everybody.



The mayor message

The outbreak situation

Shizuoka new model coronavirus caution level (September 25 update)

Shizuoka new model coronavirus caution level (September 25 update)
※It is this prefecture's original caution level that Shizuoka announces every week.

To homepage of Shizuoka

Consultation reception counter about new coronavirus

We talk, and Shizuoka-shi new model corona anything dials

Phone number 0570-08-0567 (9:00-20:00 to have days)

※ This telephone uses "navigator dial" and takes call charge of 10 yen every 20 seconds.

In Shizuoka-shi, we establish "Shizuoka-shi new model corona consultation dial even as for what" accepting every consultation about new model coronavirus including medical care, life, welfare, economy as consultation reception counter of uneasy cancellation of citizen's everybody.

Request to all of you for prevention of infection spread

 As for the measures to new coronavirus, method like influenza measures is recommended.
 After wearing mask like cold and influenza measures when going out, and having done the back and a cough, sneezing that went out, let's perform running water and hand-washing with soap before mouth and nose meet eyes.
 In addition, we wear surgical-style mask to follow a cough etiquette (we cover mouth and nose with tissue) when we cough, and to prevent infection to people in circumference, and place where people gather a lot will avoid.

Citizen's all of you

Special Supplementary Income Payment

Extension of time limit about city taxes

The opening situation of public facilities

Related information


All of the medical institutions

The welfare, care service proprietor

Crisis task force meeting

Other related information

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