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May 21, 2020

On order to Aoi-ku government office area General Administration Division

 Hello, everyone.
It is Sugimoto of Aoi-ku government office area Director of the General Affairs Division. Secondary to last year, I would appreciate your kind of continued support in this year.

 We think whether you still have uneasy days without sign of end in these days when strain of new type of pneumonia increases in each place. We soften anxiety of everybody even a little in Motoichi and are working on measures with every effort to have security change. I would like cooperation toward end of infection sequentially.

 Well, in local General Administration Division, we sell a great variety of duties such as window of the making of charm business of ward, local disaster prevention, support of residents' association, neighborhood association activity, public information, public hearing activity of ward office and information disclosure of city, various citizen consultation.
These duties diverge into many branches, but keep in mind that polite correspondence welcomes explanation, kindness that are usually more correct as window familiar most of citizen's everybody warmly and does.
In occasion of order, please call without hesitation.

 With "business made with charm of ward" is Aoi-ku in business that each ward office performs to raise charm of each ward; as for the active activity of local of Aoi-ku think that is attractive, and, for approach to let activate area intended by "inhabitants-centered town development", collaborate, and perform business, and support activity.
Specifically, we carry out "Aoi traveler" who mountains and all of city areas interchange in "Kiyosawa hometown festival" "beetle Grand Sumo Tournament ㏌ Umegashima place", and sends local charm business with local. In addition, for local problems including "the Umegashima district ume tree pruning", another local person cooperate across local fence and support activity to work on problem solution through collaboration, interchange with each area.

 Aoi-ku holds the Southern Alps more than 3,000m, and there is history, traditional culture to be able to boast of including meeting (pressure) festival and traditional arts with rich nature a lot in the Shizuoka Asama Shrine twentieth. We utilize formula Twitter "[Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi government office] aoikunchi" which we established in family and this January saying PR character of Aoi-ku is saying "it is blue" to tell many people about such charm and disseminate information positively. As various administration is helpful, and official Twitter "aoikunchi" sends information other than local attractive information, please respond by all means, too.

 Then Election Administration Commission Secretariat of Aoi-ku is in local General Administration Division, too. In late years, let alone the execution of appropriate election, turnout up which low state follows is one of the problems.
Aoi-ku area Director of the General Affairs Division Mitsutoshi Sugimoto Aoi-ku area Director of the General Affairs Division Mitsutoshi Sugimoto

The everyday preparation is important

 All of you, hello of Aoi-ku.

 It is Aoyagi acting as disaster prevention area life project manager in Aoi-ku government office area General Administration Division from April.
I am citizen of Aoi-ku living in Aoi-ku all the time except four years of college student days.

 Hobby of outdoor grew on approximately 20 years ago and acquired qualification of weather forecaster. We returned to duties of disaster prevention for disaster prevention, environment, the weather including water supply again afterward via department with relation.

 It is the Southern Alps and full of nature, calm land, but, in Shizuoka-shi, the remarkable weather phenomenon including the Star Festival heavy rain that strongly remains in your memory may appear to Suruga Bay, the north to the south. On the other hand, it is said that Nankai Trough massive earthquake brings serious damage particularly knows with thing that we are highly concerned with.
Declaration of a state of emergency due to new coronavirus leaves at April 10 in other areas today making this manuscript, and the situation that grew tense continues. This cannot but say a kind of disaster, too.

 Storage in home becomes very material while products are short in the everyday life in store, and conditions such as store closing spread out. Point to have liked to ask all of you for purchases thing which we usually use, medicine, thing used to eating a little too much a little and would like you to practice "rolling stock" which we purchase again if we use that. In this way, domestic storage of fixed quantity is always enabled and thinks that we can cope without disaster happening, and being upset.

 In closing, with all of the local voluntary disaster prevention organizations, we would like to make Aoi-ku resisting disaster. I would like understanding and cooperation continuously.
Project Manager Aoi-ku disaster prevention, local life Nobuaki Aoyagi Project Manager Aoi-ku disaster prevention, local life Nobuaki Aoyagi

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