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April 1, 2019

 In Motoichi, we carry out "Shizuoka type administration evaluation" to clarify the result and achievement degree of policy, measure, desk work business based on Shizuoka-shi self-government basics regulations Article 24.


 We are bound together concerning aim - means, and it is connected, and, as for third total deha, policy, as for measure and the measure, the achievement of measure aim is designed for the achievement of measure aim accomplishment of main business with desk work business by the achievement of policy objective to finally realize purpose of the field.
 Shizuoka model administration evaluation system is general evaluation system to let three classes link, and to evaluate of this policy, measure, desk work business.

The third entirety genealogy

  [the third total no policy system]

 Policy as city to realize "role of the field"

 Policy to realize policy

○Desk work business
 All approaches that city performs

Evaluation method

 We carry out the second evaluation by not only primary evaluation by jurisdiction department but also objective viewpoint at all hierarchies to raise objectivity, transparency of evaluation, and to do with evaluation system to lead to review and improvement.
 Particularly, compose of outside well-informed people to evaluate the achievement situation and progress of policy, measure that is big policy, policy of city in citizen's viewpoint, and to review the result, and to connect with improvement by policy evaluation and measure evaluation; "carry out the second evaluation by Shizuoka-shi policy, measure outside evaluation committee.

Shizuoka model administration evaluation evaluation method

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