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October 31, 2018
 We evaluate the achievement situation of the third total no policy and measure and by inspecting the approach, turn PDCA cycle, and policy, measure evaluation plans objective realization of policy and measure.

Policy, measure evaluation PDCA cycle

Evaluation method

 ○Evaluation period
  [policy] Together with four years (2018, 2022)
  [measure] We carry out in the year from every 2016 (we carry out progress management in the year from every 2015)

  [the inside] Third total nosubeteno policy, measure
  [the outside] Main policy, measure (outside evaluation committee member chooses)

  [the inside] Each Mayor of station, jurisdiction section manager
  [the outside] Shizuoka-shi policy, measure outside evaluation committee

 ○Viewpoint of evaluation
  [the inside] The achievement situation, problem of policy, measure, future approach
  [the outside] Inspection of internal evaluation

Evaluation result

Internal evaluation

Outside evaluation

Policy, measure evaluation (trial) outside evaluation (2014)

 We carried out the enforcement in 2014 to build effective policy, measure evaluation system.

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