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The last update date:
April 1, 2015
 In Motoichi, we revised "green basic plan" that aimed at promoting measure and business about maintenance, creation of green tract of land in city generally and premeditatedly.
 Based on this plan, we will push forward the making of city that is full of green by civic collaboration with all of you.

■About revision reason

 This plan formulated in 2008, but, also, development of this plan revised edition was necessary to plan alignment with the third comprehensive plan which was high rank plan and performed review to cope with change of social conditions by development of the later Shizuoka-shi green regulations or merger with Yuicho.

■Basic plan (revised edition) of Shizuoka-shi green

■Summary version of basic plan (revised edition) of Shizuoka-shi green

The following files are PDF.

Green basic plan (summary version) (850KB)

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It is this about Shizuoka-shi master plans for parks and open spaces action program

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