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The last update date:
March 26, 2015
 In Shizuoka-shi, we act in deference to privacy of all of you (called "user" as follows) accessed to homepage to perform according to "Shizuoka-shi ordinance of privacy protection" and the following policy about collection, use, protection of personal information (※ 1) that we collected appropriately.

※1 personal information is information to prescribe in "Shizuoka-shi ordinance of privacy protection" Article 2 Paragraph 2, and information that can distinguish individuals such as full name, contact information, e-mail address is called.

(reference) "Shizuoka-shi ordinance of privacy protection" Article 2 Paragraph 2
"Personal information" is information about living individual and can distinguish authorized individual by other descriptions in these regulations on full name, the date of birth included in the information concerned (we can collate with other information and thereby include thing which may distinguish authorized individual.) We say this.

Policy about the acquisition of personal information

 User can usually read our site as anonymity freely without disclosing personal information about you.
 But pages of "opinion to municipal administration" may have you input personal information such as full name, contact information of user from the necessary top analyzing need of reply or opinion that we had and send in the use of some contents.
 Transmitted personal information evades danger to leak to third party by stating the use purpose clearly when we collect these personal information, and encrypting communication data using SSL (※ 2).
 In addition, about access log recorded to server, we may perform statistical analysis for improvement of site administration, but, as a general rule, may not analyze about reading history of identification individual except cases such as responses to unauthorized access.

※2 SSL is browser and structure encrypting communication between server which user uses in abbreviation of "Secure Socket Layer".
 It is not necessary to do special setting on the user side on using this function, but user may not be usually available depending on communication environment of case and user changing setting of browser. About these cases, you do not take responsibility at all in Shizuoka-shi, and please note that you cannot cope with inquiry about setting methods from individual users.

Policy about use and management of personal information

 Personal information offered from user limits only to the use purpose listed in setting page of transmission form of reply and contact from jurisdiction department or the personal information concerned and uses and will not use other than these purposes.
 In addition, we may not provide any place other than the jurisdiction department when we manage about personal information that had you provide in jurisdiction department and get consent of provider or unless we were called based on laws and ordinances.
※We contact the person from department having jurisdiction over duties to be concerned with opinions from purpose of the page to let municipal administration reflect opinions that we had about contents transmitted in page of "opinion to municipal administration" installing in the public relations section quickly. When plural contents such as opinions that we had are concerned with duties of department, we may contact from each department.

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