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The last update date:
April 1, 2016
 In Shizuoka-shi, we think about convenience of citizen's all of you and push forward maintenance to be able to perform various procedures on telephone and the Internet. The next service is available now.
 ※You dial phone number, FAX number, and please be careful not to make any mistake.

Shizuoka-shi call center

 "Telephone service answers inquiry of various systems and procedures of citizen's all of you, slight question of living including facilities guidance kindly anytime city hall" Shizuoka-shi call center.
 In addition, we are reliable when we do not know where in city hall we may ask.
 ※Please note that there are contents which cannot answer inquiries about personal information in call center.

From telephone 054-200-4894 7 days a week 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
FAX 054-200-4895 24 hours reception open throughout the year

Collection of funen, oversized garbage application

 We would like application by the same day one week before collection day.
 As we can decide for each address to live on collection day, please see itinerary, convenience book.

[application over telephone]
 Toll free number 0120-532-471
 Reception hours: Monday through Friday
        From 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (accept on Saturday and Sunday, holiday except New Year holidays)
・We accept only new application.
・Addition and cancellation apply for receptionist center on the telephone.
・Depending on application item, please note that you may not apply from the Internet.
・We send confirmation email after the application from receptionist center for less than two days (as for the application of Friday, Saturday and Sunday after Tuesday, the following day). When email does not arrive, please contact receptionist center over telephone.
・We cannot propose garbage drained from office.

Water and sewage customer Service Center

 We establish "water and sewage customer Service Center" to unify report windows such as water supply, transference residence procedure for sewer in Shizuoka-shi Waterworks and Sewerage Bureau.
 We perform reception time until 19:00 on weekdays and accept again on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays in moving season of 3.4 month.
 Please use.

 ※Telephone, FAX number were changed from Monday, February 8, 2016.
 Telephone 054-251-1132
 FAX 054-270-7250

 Please contact "water and sewage customer Service Center" at such time.
・Procedure for water and sewage beginning to use in case of moving or cancellation
・Inquiries of fund transfer procedure

Disaster prevention information telephone directory enquiries

 By disaster prevention information telephone directory enquiries, you can confirm contents of broadcast radio.
 We broadcast disaster prevention information such as weather information by broadcast radio which "this is public information Shizuoka", and begins to exit in the city in Shizuoka-shi, but provide service that can confirm broadcasted contents on the telephone to be hard to hear, and to confirm when it is missed.

Telephone directory enquiries number: 0180-99-5656
※It is available from cell-phone.
※Depending on type of IP telephone and telephone including PHS, it may not be available.

We search ... AED setting place if we want to use AED

 Even if heart seems to stop when people fall down suddenly, and we are not unconscious, and breathing disappeared, we may just wake up convulsions.
 We may get back to normal state by giving such time, heart electronic shocks by AED (Automated External Defibrillator, automated external defibrillator).
 As you place AED in public facilities for sudden cardiac arrest of people who visited citizen's everybody and Shizuoka-shi in Shizuoka-shi, please use.

The AED placement situation in Shizuoka-shi public facilities
※As available time of AED varies according to each facility, please be careful.

AED setting place search
※It is external link which can know local AED setting place including the city.

Child consultation center abuse-response dial

When we thought of abuse or the cause, notice, consultation is phone number (three digits of dials) common nationwide that it is possible for immediately in child consultation center.
It is connected in child consultation center of neighborhood when we run to "child consultation center abuse-response dial".
They can perform notice, consultation by anonymity, and notice, people whom we talked with, secret about the contents are protected.

Child consultation center abuse correspondence dial 189 (quickly)

Electronic application, facility reservation, application

 You can use application reports such as administrative procedures from the Internet.
 In addition, we can reserve sports facility or lifelong learning facility.

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