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April 1, 2016

When was suddenly taken ill in holiday, the night; on-duty doctor of ... today

When we were suddenly taken ill in holiday, the night, we call in Shizuoka emergency care information center for 24 hours and guide "today's on-duty doctor" when medical treatment is necessary.

Phone number ... 0800-222-1199
※Cause after confirming number enough in one which hangs wrong, and troubles very much of telephone.

For more details, please see page of following "today's emergency on-duty doctor".

In the case of emergency, it is contact information in ... emergency

・Please call report ... 110th of case, accident to the police.
・When fire happened, please call ... 119th at time to call ambulance.
※The 119th using FAX can notify.
 For more details, please see page of following "Shizuoka-shi FAX119, Shizuoka-shi NET119".

・When water supply was not usable, please see page of ... following "urgent contact information including water outage, fuzz".

・The emergency contact information of electricity (Chubu Electric Power)
 Aoi-ku, Suruga-ku ... 0120-977-106
 Shimizu-ku ... 0120-977-146

・The emergency contact information of gas (SHIZUOKA GAS)
 Aoi-ku, Suruga-ku, Shimizu-ku (except Kambara district) ... 054-285-2111
 Kambara district ... 0545-52-2260

・LP gas…Please refer to sale place contracting.

It is ... Shizuoka-shi call center that does not understand the duties of city

"Telephone service answers inquiry of various systems and procedures of citizen's all of you, slight question of living including facilities guidance kindly anytime city hall" Shizuoka-shi call center.
In addition, we are reliable when we do not know where in city hall we may ask.

From telephone 054-200-4894 7 days a week 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
FAX 054-200-4895 24 hours reception open throughout the year

Inquiry to each section of city, ward office is each ... government building key number

Hang Shizuoka-shi government office, each ward office, inquiry to branch to the following phone number.
Business hours is from holiday and 8:30 a.m. except New Year holidays on weekdays to 5:15 p.m.
List of each city hall government building contact information
City, ward office, branch name Phone number
Shizuoka-shi government office 054-254-2111
Aoi-ku government office 054-254-2115
Aoi-ku government office Igawa branch 054-260-2211
Suruga-ku government office 054-202-5811
Suruga-ku government office Osada branch 054-259-5522
Shimizu-ku government office 054-354-2111
Shimizu-ku government office Kambara branch 054-385-3111

If miss broadcast radio; ... disaster prevention information telephone directory enquiries

 By disaster prevention information telephone directory enquiries, you can confirm contents of broadcast radio.
 We broadcast disaster prevention information such as weather information by broadcast radio which "this is public information Shizuoka", and begins to exit in the city in Shizuoka-shi, but provide service that can confirm broadcasted contents on the telephone to be hard to hear, and to confirm when it is missed.

Telephone directory enquiries number: 0180-99-5656
※It is available from cell-phone.
※Depending on type of IP telephone and telephone including PHS, it may not be available.

We search ... AED setting place if we want to use AED

 Even if heart seems to stop when people fall down suddenly, and we are not unconscious, and breathing disappeared, we may just wake up convulsions.
 We may get back to normal state by giving such time, heart electronic shocks by AED (Automated External Defibrillator, automated external defibrillator).
 As you place AED in public facilities for sudden cardiac arrest of people who visited citizen's everybody and Shizuoka-shi in Shizuoka-shi, please use.

The AED placement situation in Shizuoka-shi public facilities
※As available time of AED varies according to each facility, please be careful.
AED setting place search
It is external link which can know local AED setting place including the city.

It is guided ... firefighting telephone now if we want to confirm occurring fires

 You can confirm disaster information such as occurring fires on the telephone now in Shizuoka-shi.
 ※We guide by automatic sound.

Firefighting telephone guide: 0180-99-5678
※Depending on type of IP telephone and telephone including PHS, it may not be available.

When we thought of child abuse or the cause, ... child consultation center is common nationwide, and they dial

When we thought of abuse or the cause, notice, consultation is phone number (three digits of dials) common nationwide that it is possible for immediately in child consultation center.
It is connected in child consultation center of neighborhood when we run to "dial common throughout the child consultation center whole country".
They can perform notice, consultation by anonymity, and notice, people whom we talked with, secret about the contents are protected.

Three digits of dial 189 (quickly) common throughout the child consultation center whole country

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