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April 1, 2019

Broadcast content of broadcast radio

Disaster prevention information telephone directory enquiries

We broadcast disaster prevention information such as weather information by broadcast radio which "this is public information Shizuoka", and begins to exit in the city in Shizuoka-shi, but provide service that can confirm broadcasted contents on the telephone to be hard to hear, and to confirm when it is missed.

Telephone directory enquiries number: 0180-99-5656
★Of phone number please be careful enough to hang wrong.★
※It is available from cell-phone.
※Depending on type of IP telephone and telephone including PHS, it may not be available.

Shizuoka-shi disaster prevention email

In Shizuoka-shi, we carry out delivery service of "Shizuoka-shi disaster prevention email" to tell cell-phones about disaster prevention information such as earthquake related information, the weather related information.
As for the registration methods, please see the following "Shizuoka-shi disaster prevention email".

Urgent breaking news email

Urgent breaking news email is disaster communication service for cell-phones.
We stay within cell-phone base station area in Shizuoka-shi and are system delivering information to cell-phone with urgent breaking news email reception function by email.

As for the registration methods, please see the following "urgent breaking news email".

Collection of disaster information

Or and obtains right information to drift from city hall or firefighting, the police, the media at the time of disaster occurrence when the risk of disaster occurrence has been increasing it will prevent it from being confused in false rumor.

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Broadcast radio, disaster prevention public information