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The last update date:
April 1, 2020
We show around each floor of Suruga-ku government office.

Suruga-ku government office

Number of floors Station, part names Section, room names
The third floor Suruga-ku government office Local General Administration Division, Municipal Information Counter, Suruga-ku Election Administration Commission Secretariat, citizen's counselor's office
Waterworks and Sewerage Bureau water service department Customer Service Section (water rate payment window)
  Health room
The second floor Local Finance Bureau tax practice department Municipal Tax Division (Suruga tax practice center)
Suruga-ku government office Insurance pension section
Suruga welfare office Life support section, child care support section, old care section
The first floor Suruga-ku government office Family Register and Resident Section, ward Accounting Division, passport (passport) window, my number window
Suruga welfare office Person with a disability support section
  General information, guard room

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