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The last update date:
April 1, 2020
We show around each floor of Shimizu government building, Shimizu-ku government office.

Shimizu government building, Shimizu-ku government office

Number of floors Station, part names Section, room names
The ninth floor Child future station Child future section, youth development section, kindergartens and nursery schools support section, child institution section, child family section
    Meeting room 91, 93
The eighth floor The Board of Education Secretariat education station Education General Administration Division, Educational Personnel Division, Education Institution Section, School Education Division, child student support section
    Education counselor's office 1, 2
The seventh floor The City Bureau city Planning Department Around Shimizu Station Maintenance Division
  Department of construction station engineering works Engineering works office
  The construction station road part Shimizu road Maintenance Division
  The Board of Education Secretariat education station The School Lunch Division, Educational Personnel Division (person in charge of teacher cram school)
The sixth floor Economic agency agriculture and forestry Marine Products Division Agro-politics section, farmland Maintenance Division, forestry conservancy forest road section, fisheries fishing port section
  Waterworks and Sewerage Bureau water service department Water supply office
  The Waterworks and Sewerage Bureau sewer part The sewer office
    Meeting room 61
The fifth floor Economic agency Marine culture city promotion office
  Economic agency business and industry part Industrial policy section, Industry Promotion Section, commercial Administration Division
    Meeting room 51, 52, 53
    City officials labor union federation Shimizu Branch, water supply labor union, union friend
The fourth floor Shimizu-ku government office Local General Administration Division, Municipal Information Counter, emigration consultation counter, Shimizu-ku Election Administration Commission Secretariat, citizen's counselor's office
  The citizen station Consumer service center (Shimizu window)
The third floor The City Bureau city Planning Department City planning office
    Contact hall, Shimizu history material corner
    Meeting room first, 2, 301-313
    Certification of care need examination committee room, Board of Education room (305), staff circle room (309)
The second floor Local Finance Bureau tax practice department Shimizu city tax office
  Shimizu welfare office Life support section
  The health welfare longevity station hygiene medical care part Public health center Shimizu branch (association of Shimizu Shokuhin hygiene), animal instruction center (person in charge of animal instruction second)
  City Bureau Building Department Municipal house reception desk
    International Association Shimizu Branch, multicultural symbiosis synthesis consultation center, central monitoring room, meeting room 21, 22
The first floor Shimizu-ku government office Family Register and Resident Section, insurance pension section, passport (passport) window, my number card grant window
  Countinghouse Shimizu Accounting Division
  Shimizu welfare office Person with a disability support section, child care support section, old care section
    General Information
    Guard room, cafe corner, designated financial institution
The first floor under the ground   Restaurant, stand, health promotion room

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