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The last update date:
August 7, 2020
 Motoichi made infection preventive measures check list that accepted characteristic of public facilities to have jurisdiction over based on "prevention of infection policy that made "prevention of infection policy that policy (May 15, 2020 revision) and the prefecture about resumption of public facilities which city pertaining to new coronavirus infectious disease owned referred to, and they showed to each municipality in owned by a prefecture facility" mutatis mutandis in municipal ownership facility" in jurisdiction department and showed policy that we reopened sequentially from ready facility which took infection preventive measures.

 About administration of public facilities which city owns, we will decide to handle according to Shizuoka conduct policy decided in Shizuoka new model coronavirus infectious disease task force eleventh headquarters meeting held on May 29 or prevention of infection policy (May 15, 2020 version) in owned by a prefecture facility in future.

 In addition, about the policy mentioned above, we decide to perform review depending on the situation at any time.

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