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The last update date:
May 26, 2020
 In Shizuoka-shi, we showed policy saying that we assumed all or a part of facility closing until Sunday, May 31 to cases that we could not take appropriate infection prophylaxis for in facility manager about closing of public facilities which city pertaining to new coronavirus infectious disease owned on May 1.
 In the basic coping policy that country showed on May 14, five prefectures of the specific caution metropolis and districts and 34 prefectures including Shizuoka would be canceled from prediction areas of emergency measures, and Motoichi accepted the local fact from the viewpoint of maintenance of prevention of infection spread and society economic activities about restriction of use of facilities; judge; local.
 The Shizuoka prefecture does not have tendency of infection spread, and the tendency is similar in Motoichi, and, at the present, enhancement of the medical care offer system further advances to medical treatment Hotel for person of expansion and slight illness of the polymerase chain reaction test system.
 Therefore we make infection preventive measures check list that accepted characteristic of public facilities to have jurisdiction over based on "prevention of infection policy that the prefecture refers to in each municipality and makes "prevention of infection policy that we showed in owned by a prefecture facility" mutatis mutandis in municipal ownership facility" in jurisdiction department and will decide to reopen sequentially from ready facility taking infection preventive measures in future.

 In addition, about the policy mentioned above, we decide to perform review depending on the situation at any time.

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