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The last update date:
May 25, 2020
※When it is done the next agency by bids, please use public transport.
City hall Shizuoka government building basement parking area is crowded very much day after day and takes time before parking. Therefore, when it is done the next agency by bids, we would appreciate your using public transport. In addition, we cannot participate in bid when it is not arrived at venue by the bid execution time. We would appreciate your understanding.

About reviews such as submission methods of form of bid in open bid belonging to limit pertaining to article procurement (May 1, 2020 date)

※When you send bid manual grant application by facsimile, after filling out the large frame, please transmit to FAX number that you appointed by all means.
We do not receive thing which transmitted to facsimile except FAX number that we appointed.
Receptionist by facsimile becomes application only for item listed in notification.

Bid manual grant application (FAX 054-221-1593 for submission)

Limit open bid (item notifying publicly now) belonging to

May 25, 2020 notification
Bid number    Matter         The name  Specifications   Bid day
BS-018 Firefighting team activity clothes (top and bottom) * June 4, 2020
BS-019 Dental unit * June 4, 2020
BS-020 Multi-cycle number field composition complete set in total * June 4, 2020
BS-022 One set of medical refrigeration showcase * June 4, 2020
BS-023 One set of explosion-proof model electric refueling pump * June 4, 2020
BS-024 Shizuoka-shi sports promotion committee member clothing complete set * June 4, 2020
BS-026 Flower seedling (Shizuoka, Shimizu, Kambara venue) * June 4, 2020
BS-665 Polyferric sulfate (for Purification Center in northern Shimizu) * June 4, 2020

May 18, 2020 notification
Bid number    Matter         The name  Specifications   Bid day
BS-016 One set of set update medical equipment medical at disaster * May 28, 2020

・As a general rule, we do not issue specifications at window. You click 0 of specifications column, and you download, and please use.
・We are not published about samples supplementing specifications.
※Participation applicant clicks title, and, after checking contents of notification, please receive bid manual at Contract Division window.
※As you are listed in notification of each item during grant period of bid manual, please confirm.
※When you choose equivalence product, you print "equal article application and written acknowledgment" below, and please go through the procedure according to specifications.

Specific procurement agreement (item notifying publicly now)

Firefighting pump car (I-type B) on April 22, 2020 with notification water tank
April 22, 2020 notification high-standard emergency car
Water tank car on May 13, 2020 with notification small size power pump
May 13, 2020 notification firefighting pump car (compact-disc interactive type)
May 13, 2020 notification small size power pump loading car
May 13, 2020 notification track and field rig
Bid participation applicant confirms notification from the following pages, and please receive grant of bid manual.

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