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April 1, 2020
 There is connection in Motoichi and has famous played an active part take office as Shizuoka-shi sightseeing goodwill ambassador globally or nationwide.


Message from Shizuoka-shi sightseeing goodwill ambassador Riyo Mori

Sightseeing goodwill ambassador moririyo

Hello, everyone!

It is Riyo Mori of Shizuoka-shi sightseeing goodwill ambassador.

It is full of appreciation for honor great for me from Shizuoka-shi that is assigned such an important role, and loves Shizuoka.

We can feel climate that Shizuoka-shi is easy to spend through one year but change of the four seasons well, and it can thoroughly enjoy beautiful nature and delicious ingredients.

Wonderful cafes increase by fashion and relax at terrace seat of cafe in downtown of Gofukumachi and love that we go for lunch in Kuno with an ocean view recently.

Tea is vaunted one, but, in Shizuoka-shi, there is shop to be able to enjoy tea break that we arranged in contemporary style.
It is special ability of Shizuoka citizen that there is power that we mix classic thing that it is new and are going to bring about.

And Mt. Kuno Toshogu that is national treasure speaking of pride of Shizuoka-shi.
There is contemplation from age that was born as me than anyone else because it is still Mt. Kuno Toshogu that is taken care of. We think that what was able to win the championship at Miss Universe world meeting is because we asked Ieyasu!

We will want culture and climate of Shizuoka, traditional splendor to sympathize with many of you from now on.

You have you be interested in Shizuoka, and please thoroughly enjoy this wonderful town slowly and carefully!
Surely we should be able to be refreshed. And we think that we can discover oneself new!

We look forward to your coming in Shizuoka-shi.

Message from Shizuoka-shi sightseeing goodwill ambassador Shota Shunpuutei

Sightseeing goodwill ambassador shumpuuteishota

It is Shota Shunpuutei of Shizuoka-shi sightseeing goodwill ambassador.

 We are glad in having had such an important role from local Shizuoka-shi very much.
 I noticed this town "having been so good what" only after leaving Shizuoka-shi. I may not readily notice charm of thing which I see every day and touch when in hometown, but thing that Shizuoka-shi is really various is clogged up moderately, and I think that it is attractive town which it is easy to live for.

 We see beautiful Mount Fuji, and there is nature of the sea and mountain, and there is delicious thing a lot. And there may not be big city where tap water is so delicious elsewhere. Many people are thankful with good point of this Shizuoka-shi if they can know… We think of this like that. It is poor ability as sightseeing goodwill ambassador, but wants to do our best to send thing, "Shizuoka-shi is good what" to me. We would like, everybody.


Shizuoka-shi sightseeing goodwill ambassador tomorrow sea riosankarano message

Sightseeing goodwill ambassador Asumi Rio

 Tomorrow sea riodesu of former Takarazuka all-women's opera of Shizuoka-shi sightseeing goodwill ambassador.    

 We feel very honored that we took office as town where I was born and raised, sightseeing goodwill ambassador of Shizuoka-shi.    

 I like calm atmosphere with simplicity of Shizuoka-shi very much. As we can live while feeling the four seasons, among rich nature, heart feels at ease. With such an unhurried atmosphere, many people come over to Shizuoka-shi and want you to taste.    

 I watched the stage of Takarazuka all-women's opera at the age of junior high student and was absorbed and entered Takarazuka music school. Then we work hard at lesson every day and realize dream in the days of child and are standing on stage now. We think that we can send dream and hope to children challenging towards dream in Shizuoka-shi.    

 By being devoted to make the stage better more than before, want to help Shizuoka-shi.    

 I would appreciate your consideration, everybody.

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