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The last update date:
July 1, 2017
 Shizuoka-shi that population decline goes ahead through. What is necessary to become "town where we want to continue living in where young people want to live" in?
That young people give opinion and ideas and promote approach to make the future of Shizuoka together
It starts at "Shizuoka-shi wakamono meeting"!

"We want to do which "we want to spend much more in this town" in town to like more!" in "there being such a thing in Shizuoka"
We make opportunity to make such thought form for action.

"Shizuoka to make together"

Do you not make mirai of Shizuoka with young people's power?

※Business was finished

What is Shizuoka-shi wakamono meeting?

 It is meeting by around 20 young people of residence, attendance at school or working in Shizuoka-shi.
 We suggest policy that you should perform to realize "town where we want to continue living in where young people want to live" in for thought, Shizuoka-shi.

About conduct report and the future of Shizuoka-shi wakamono meeting

We made conduct statement of Shizuoka-shi wakamono meeting!

Voice of state and participant of half a year is published.
Check it out!

In addition, we receive swing return marks in meeting members of 2016 and will hold "Shizuoka-shi wakamono meeting" as private sector independently from 2017.

Please expect for future movement!

State of Shizuoka-shi wakamono meeting

The first Shizuoka-shi wakamono meeting (July 24, 2016)

The Shizuoka-shi wakamono meeting first was held!
Shizuoka-shi wakamono meeting that became start with 19. High school student, university student, member of society participate in a good balance!
Work that identified self-introduction and environment creation which it was easy to talk about, purpose of "Shizuoka-shi wakamono meeting" on that day was main
"Holding a meeting where it was why" or "how do you collect opinions of person who did not participate?" said with "visualization of process of meeting"
Various opinions appeared about the way of meeting.
State (1) of the first meeting
State (2) of the first meeting
State (3) of the first meeting

The second Shizuoka-shi wakamono meeting (August 9, 2016)

The Shizuoka-shi wakamono meeting second was held!
Team formation for policy to be made mainly this time!
We talk about while introducing theme to have interest interest each.
Formation advanced why "labor" "place to stay" "welfare" "education" "international exchange" ... chose the theme while exchanging opinions.

In addition, as well as short-term suggestion, we think about "why do you go to report young people's voice to society and the government?" in long-term glance at the same time!
State (1) of the second meeting
State (2) of the second meeting
State (3) of the second meeting

The third Shizuoka-shi wakamono meeting (from 20 to 21 on August in 2016)

In the Shizuoka-shi Beach Ishino outside center (Yui, Shimizu-ku), we argued severely in 2 days and 1 night!

On the first day, "thing necessary to enhance notice, influence in young people's opinion in Shizuoka-shi" performed "examination of concrete policy necessary to do discussion about long-term route in town where young people wanted to live and wanted to continue living" in on the second day so that toiu, this "wakamono meeting" were not over at one-time event.

On the first day, we invited Waseda University social studies department Professor Morio Uzuki and had lecture while "there being power to turn child, young man yellowtail and society" and child, young man in home and abroad including "we adult having to find opportunity when child, young man could express own opinion" were independent, and it introduced example that social, participated in that "there was power to move adult to child, young man".

In addition, we were further divided into Fukahori rishi, four teams and, on the second day, examined concrete theme that participant each thought about.

We think to have been physically hard by activity from early morning again late at night…Discussion every theme became hot, too!
Interchange between participants advances, too, and meeting in individual treatment seems to begin, too★
State (1) of the third meeting
State (2) of the third meeting
State (3) of the third meeting

The fourth Shizuoka-shi wakamono meeting (August 27, 2016)

Participant was rather slightly less, but, at this time one week after "camp" of the other day, performed swing upset of the third meeting.
In addition, "town" which is not "wakamononomachi" carries out workshop to be what kind of town.
"Young man statue" "is pushed" which "there is not entertainment" which "there are not young people"…Various opinions appeared in viewpoint that to々 was different from the past.
It is necessary for young people to have done what because it cannot happen or wants there to be administration and society how, or discussion deepens.
State (1) of the fourth meeting
State (2) of the fourth meeting
State (3) of the fourth meeting

The fifth Shizuoka-shi wakamono meeting (September 6, 2016)

Vague theme seems to gradually realize meeting becoming the fifth.
We push forward discussion while grasping the "wanting to do it" "being required" and objective reconfirmation and current situation properly so that "self-satisfaction" does not have idea.
In addition, the staff of post in charge of city entered group this time, too and exchanged opinions!
State (1) of the fifth meeting
State (2) of the fifth meeting
State (3) of the fifth meeting

The sixth Shizuoka-shi wakamono meeting (September 21, 2016)

The sixth Shizuoka-shi wakamono meeting performed pre-announcement for next interim report.
To hear announcement of each other's teams, all the members comment for that and begin work every team again.
Through pre-announcement "further by examination contents "difficulty of telling people" seemed to have felt with saying Fukahori rishiteikanakutehanaranai".
Including the way of presentation, we polish up for middle briefing session!
State (1) of the sixth meeting
State (2) of the sixth meeting
State (3) of the sixth meeting

The seventh Shizuoka-shi wakamono meeting (October 18, 2016) ※Middle briefing session

"Middle briefing session" with the seventh Shizuoka-shi wakamono meeting inviting toward the citizen a lot.
We gave presentation towards visitors by each team, past examination content.
Afterwards, when we had advice and indication through poster session of suggestion contents and exchanged opinions, active interchange was performed, but felt the need of brushing up for advice from various viewpoints still more.

We adopt voice of more people and "we criticize" suggestion and want to go.
As for contents of interim report of each team and the opinion that we had, please see "wakamono meeting NEWS"♪
State (1) of the seventh meeting
State (2) of the seventh meeting
State (3) of the seventh meeting

The eighth Shizuoka-shi wakamono meeting (November 13, 2016)

We invited Waseda University Professor Morio Uzuki again, and the eighth Shizuoka-shi wakamono meeting identified announcement contents for the last briefing session.
Individual meeting every team seems to become active, too!

It is last spurt for the last briefing session!
State (1) of the eighth meeting
State (2) of the eighth meeting
State (3) of the eighth meeting

The ninth Shizuoka-shi wakamono meeting (December 4, 2016) ※The last briefing session

We performed Shizuoka-shi wakamono meeting final report!

In front of about 50 citizen's Mayor Shizuoka and visitors, every each team is announced.
There was comment, "we wanted you further to pursue if serious" while it was said, "there is still unripe part without enough on-site voices" from the mayor.

In addition, you exchanged opinions with general visitors in the latter half and gave an advice for feasibility and realization.

Announcement contents of each team are as follows!

※As detailed state publishes to "wakamono meeting NEWS 9", in that place, please see♪
State 1 of the last briefing session
State 2 of the last briefing session
State 3 of the last briefing session

Shizuoka-shi in "Japan's most is easy to work livable town."

Shizuoka limitation! ... to be ... the best in Japan cosmopolitan

We arrive.

Shizuoka-shi area sempai system

Shizuoka-shi wakamono meeting NEWS

 We issue "Shizuoka-shi wakamono meeting NEWS" regularly to have everybody know state of meeting. Check it out!♪

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