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The last update date:
January 15, 2020
"High school student town development school" is lecture of workshop format for high school students.
Participant discovers local problem in own interest interest and carries out investigation, plan.
From theme to activity plan, it is high contents of flexibility that is decided by hand, and is active of participant oneself.
Participant of 2018 acted under the theme of the issue of holding of event to be able to enjoy the multi-generation and local garbage.
We want to hold what it is in area wanting to know area more! It is lecture that is recommended to high school student called this.

We held presentation

 We held the last inning of high school student town development school on December 21.
 We look back on past activity with university student supporter and share between own change and going zukio participants in the morning.
 We carried out presentation and announced learning that seven high school students got through activity and activity from July through December in the afternoon.
 As for the activity theme, disaster prevention and minor sports, art, the succession of wartime experience varied, and growth of state and participant who enjoyed activity was felt from announcement.
 [list of high school student announcement titles]
  ・Here is ... in public performance - war in history
  ・Minor sports do not let you say anymore!
  ・Let's go to art museum of Shizuoka
  ・Charm of Shizuoka-shi
  ・It will be by disaster prevention
  ・Let's know disaster prevention

  As we publish some announcement material as follows, please see.
Participant who announces activity contents Participant who announces activity contents

What is high school student town development school?

What is "town development?"

"We want to do it in area!"
About "personal society, we want to talk with friend of the same age!"
Such a high school students gather and learn the first step to town development.

It is lecture deepening town and relation, town and connection with oneself based on own interest interest!

What does "high school student town development school" do?

"Even school" sits down, and they do not just hear story.
Through lecture to deepen thought by talks mainly on group work,
We make that there is ninatteirukoto, interest that oneself is going darkly clear!
Through encounter with student and local other schools, discovery different from both school and club activities should be provided♪

Recommended point of "town development school"?

It becomes pleasant expressing own thought and thing divided by Seki with people when we participate!
In addition, we can be interested more about imminent area♪

It is recommended to such people!

"We want to look for that oneself can do it and that we are interested!"
"Course choice ... to do what"
"We are interested in town development!"
・・We wait for ・ such everybody☆


It is lecture of workshop format to work on local problem discovered in each person's interest interest. We devise plan to solve problem that oneself felt in group and, with supporter of the university student generation, carry out.

Lecturer, cooperative body

Lecturer: Junya Doi (Director Representative NPO corporation wakamononomachi)
    Daisuke Kawanaka (lecturer at citizen ship kyoikukikakudaihyo/Ryukoku University)
Cooperative body: NPO corporation wakamononomachi (representative director Junya Doi)


The first Saturday, July 6, 2019 oneself translation into language of interest, interest of discovery shiyo oneself
What is the second Saturday, July 20, 2019 town development? Learning about town development, activity theme, team definite decision
Theme analysis by the third Sunday, August 4, 2019 theme analysis oshiyo (1) documents or interview
We think about action for theme analysis oshiyo (2) problem solution on the fourth Saturday, September 28, 2019 and make activity plan
It is plan preparation (conduct) ... by ... fifth together with group
Progress joint ownership, interim report of the fifth Sunday, October 27, 2019 activity
It is plan preparations, conduct ... by ... sixth together with group
Swing burr of presentation meet past activity last on the sixth Saturday, December 21, 2019


In Shizuoka-shi residence or 20 high school students (majority lottery) who goes to school

Application method

We apply by electronic application from 1 Shizuoka-shi web site
Fill in the requirements on 2 applications; is application FAX number by FAX to city youth development section: 054-352-7732
It is application phone number over 3 telephones to city youth development section: 054-354-2614 (weekdays 8:30-17:15)   
 ※Tell about "full name, age, address, phone number, school name, school year" with being application of "high school student town development school"

※Application was finished  


Free of charge ※Transportation expenses or lunch charges to venue are charged respectively


The Shizuoka-shi center the third floor of the gymnasium Shizuoka-shi young people training center
(2-80, Sunpucho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi)

Contact information

Please contact contact information described in page bottom for any unclear points.

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