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The last update date:
December 5, 2018
What is "town development?"
"We want to do it in area!"
About "personal society, we want to talk with friend of the same age!"
Such a high school students gather and learn the first step to town development.

It is lecture deepening town and relation, town and connection with oneself based on own interest interest!


Is high school student town development school ...?

With high school student town development school (nickname: town SUQQU) ... summary from this

The first state

32 high school students who greatly surpass 20 people of capacity participate in "town SUQQU"!
On Saturday, July 7, the first was opened up.
Participants was look of strain for friend who met for the first time,
When we talk with about self-introduction map which we wrote down own favorite thing and feelings in hand,
Smiles increased and became pleasant atmosphere.

When strain gradually comes loose,
According to the first theme "feels the source of interest"
We worked on work to express interest and interest for town.

After having written what's called "town development" to associate with the word,
It depends on Daisuke Kawanaka (lecturer at citizen ship kyoikukikakudaihyo/Ryukoku University) of lecturer
We take no shokogi with "town development",
"I hate here!" while we live in Shizuoka and go "This is not appreciated!" Though "it should be able to happen more!"
We began to write that we thought of this to tag.
The first state
The first state (2)

The second state

The second that was held on Sunday, July 8 based on themes from "interest to action,"
From group joint ownership of tag which we began to write on the day before!

Participants "hates here of town!" While we talk about thought to "want you to happen more,"
Your experiences are talked about from lecturer,
"We want you to do it this way! We are disappointed without leading to result even if we request that we think of this…After accumulation of ",
We shifted and changed for "posture that oneself worked on problem solution proactively" and "we acted and led"
We had story called this.
We arranged opinion for independent problem solution while being conscious of this story and began to write critical mind that each one had.

It is chosen activity course among the afternoon.
After having heard explanation about "wakamono project course" and "wakamono reporter course,"
We decided course that acted.
When we share own aim in all the members what kind of oneself you want to become after "town SUQQU,"
Expression of everybody was full of motivations and overflowed☆
Lecture according to course begins at the next time!
The second state
Group photo

The third state

The third town SUQQU was held while, on July 22, severe sunlight glared down.

At first, we warm up by rock, paper, scissors train with all the participants.
When one train is completed while being simple play
It became atmosphere that was combined with outside heat, and became lively hotly.

Afterwards, we sail up memory until two weeks ago,
About critical mind for town which each began to write last time,
We heard the reason with one set of two people.

After having looked back on thought to become the origin of activity in the future,
It is finally activity every course.
wakamono project course selects advocacy group based on that as project theme,
From Junya Doi (Director Representative NPO corporation wakamononomachi) in charge of progress of course
Not "what" (what you do) and "how" (how you do it)
We are introduced to way of thinking that "why" (why you do) is important,
We will work hard at the making of proposal of activity.

On the other hand, because wakamono reporter course finds coverage that interest included
We widen keyword about critical mind,
We made image of coverage words based on that.
We learn how to look for social movements and work on search for coverage ahead that there was in own interest interest and critical mind!

Rock, paper, scissors train
The whole

It is the fifth state the fourth (only in wakamono project course)

wakamono project course, wakamono reporter course gathers lively together in the summer without losing intense heat on August 6 at the climax!
The fourth worked on each activity together with course, too.

Participant of wakamono project course is divided into wedding, festival, environment, each theme of Instagram,
In two days of the fourth, the fifth, we devised plan, activity plan from the current situation analysis!
We realized activity in the future while valuing thought of "why" (why you want to do it) for each group.
While each group receives support of the university student staff from here, we walk ways from plan to conduct!

wakamono reporter course ahead of coverage from Ryuichi Shimizu of Shizuoka online
We learned how to get appointments and art of the making of question that was conscious of listener!
We practice call to coverage by role playing and learn coverage skill although being a pleasure.
Using summer vacation, we go for coverage to social movement group☆

The fifth (wakamono reporter course) state

August 24 is the date for "town SUQQU" wakamono reporter course!
There is some sense of fulfilment in face of participant who experiences coverage, and gathered.
We learned art to write plain article this time☆

At first, we share impression of coverage in all the members before getting to the main point.
While feeling difficulty to understand only after actually experiencing coverage including how to connect questions,
It looked like we felt relieved in gentleness of various places that we reported on.

And finally to the main subject.
You told about art to write article from Shimizu of Shizuoka online this time.
(1) Participant who learned three elements of how to put how to build difference between article and impression (2) articles (3) entries,
In reference to lecture contents, we did advice to polish work of article that we wrote and other people!

We perform coverage and article making continuously in the future.
Social movement information site article publications from "here to net" in fun!


The sixth (interim report) state

On December 2, waited after an interval of about four months, and participants of SUQQU gathered in a hall; interim report of activity was carried out on that day.

Participant was reencounter after a long absence, but we take picture buttocks of ice break and burst out laughing very much!
We threw off our reserve so as not to let you feel length of period when you did not meet.

We visualize past motivation by graph titled ["oneself five months" ago and "oneself today's"] when place warms.
While there is, wave of activity will is to look back on conventional process in each
We understood how oneself could keep motivation from now on.

The latter half is swing return marks every course.
wakamono reporter course reconfirms own critical mind by sharing coverage article with other participants,
Finally, we announced what oneself could do.
soshitewakamono project course announces progress for each group,
Based on advice from other groups, we confirmed directionality in the future.

Not "reflection society" to enumerate bad what through the whole,
What was made? Why did you come in? We look back on this forward,
It was time when it was revealed what you wanted in future.

We take picture buttocks
The whole

Announcement of wakamono reporter course article publication

Article that high school student who participated in wakamono reporter course collected data on social movement groups
It was published social movement information site from "here by net"!
Participant checks own group which is interested and is article that we make an appointment by oneself and wrote!
It is written down in high school student glance that we learned to listen to story of people performing social movement.
Please read article of high school student reporter!

The seventh (look back meeting) state

This town SUQQU which becomes the collected studies between seasons for about eight months on March 17.
"Embark on the future, look back"; the cause of no theme,
We stared at mental and physical movement through past experience again.

After having begun to write about past activity content and motive of activity,
Not having been able to do it dekitakoto/about result and process of activity
We wrote down on tag one by one.

About not having been able to do it, we think about why you were not able to do it,
It is arrived at by having done what, or hypothesizing, what we should do next.

From participant "there was a lot of thinking that should have done it this way more,
It was revealed it having been good to be doing swing upset and that we wanted to do from now on"
As voice called this was heard, participant made "Fumi to the future".

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