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The last update date:
March 26, 2015
 We renewed Shizuoka-shi homepage on March 26.
 Information of old homepage that does not exist when we used search in site of our page is searched, and search results may not be displayed definitely.

 Google Search that it uses by search feature in site is before it recognizes information of new homepage, and this is because it searches information of old homepage.
 It takes several weeks before Google Search recognizes information of new homepage.
 I apologize for the inconvenience, but we would appreciate your understanding for a while.

To look for page to want to see

 When search feature is not displayed definitely, look for page by the following methods.

 We can look for information from macrotaxonomy (living, sightseeing, event, culture, sports, municipal administration information, product for proprietor) of the upper top page for each item.
 In addition, please use as you publish page with much access in "information seen well".

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