Traffic fatal accidents occur frequently in the city! Print this page

The last update date:
March 30, 2017
In the city, traffic fatal accident of three three cases occurs in succession for four days of Tuesday, March 28 from Saturday, March 25!

To car drivers

・We are careful around at safe speed, and let's drive! ・It is easy to overlook walker and is very dangerous at dusk! Let's keep early RIGHT-ON in mind!

To pedalers

・A lot of accidents occur in passing with car in intersection. Let's do stop, security confirmation by all means at bad intersection of prospect!

To walkers

・A lot of accidents in road crossing occur. For own security, even detour will use pedestrian crossing! ・It becomes easy to be overlooked by night by car driver. We wear light-emitting reflector, and let's inform own existence!
I would like cooperation of citizen's all of you so that more miserable traffic accident does not occur!

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