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The last update date:
May 22, 2020
 As emergency measures to citizen's all of you affected by new coronavirus infectious disease,
Revision of water rate postponed "from June use" to "from October use".
 (May 22, 2020 update)


 As for the water supply business of Shizuoka-shi, water rate income decreases by fixation of population decline and saving water type lifestyle while water supply facility maintained the rapid economic growth period later is meeting update time in large quantities, and management environment surrounding business adds to strictness.
 Particularly, prompt correspondence is necessary because it is total extension in the city, and deterioration advances to water pipe having of about 2,600 kilometers and causes leak of water accidents and we are reliable and cannot send stable water to users as water outage and cloudiness occur.
 Because relief maintains safe water supply business for the future at this time because security of update expense still becomes difficult as we need a large amount of expense to update timeworn a large quantity of water pipe, but on the other hand water rate income decreases by decrease of water demand even if we plan management efforts such as cost reduction, we will revise water rate.
 As we Waterworks and Sewerage Bureau protects water supply of Shizuoka-shi with responsibility, I would like understanding and cooperation.

The examination results of rate revision

 We had you discuss over five times in "Shizuoka-shi water and sewage proprietorship meeting" from May, 2019 to receive opinion from citizen's people.
 We made revision plan after having respected opinion from the meeting and had you discuss in municipal assembly, and this rate revision was fixed.

Revision details

(1) We revise only base rate, and sub-quantity rate leaves unredeemed
   In the case of general family (meter diameter 13mm, 20mm), 352 yen (tax-included) per one month, burden of about 10 yen per day come to increase by
(2) We change charged amount of 10 yen unit to 1 yen unit
(3) When we start use of water supply in halfway of month and cancel and abolish, we change base rate for per diem calculation depending on the use days

<reference of revision details>
(1)   Seki surukoto ... General-Management Planning Division calls in this: 054-270-9119
(2) (3) Seki surukoto ... customer Service Section calls in this: 054-270-9106

New water rate

New water rate [rate] before it includes consumption tax, and () revises in one month ※ Only base rate revises

List of charges

Application time

 New water rate is applied from use in October, 2020.

 ※We postponed "from June use" to "from October use".
  (May 22, 2020 update)

(1) District to read in odd month
  New rate is applied among (for from September to October use) in October by use as much as we read in November

Application time (district to read at odd number time)

 (2) District to read in even month
   New rate is applied by (for from October to November use) as much as we read in December

Application time (district to read at even number time)

 <reference of application time> Customer Service Section telephone: 054-270-9106

Sewerage system usage fee

 There is no revision of sewerage system usage fee.

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About revision of water rate (※ postponement decision)