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The last update date:
May 23, 2019
The Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics start approached!
We open your dream (aim) to the public on Facebook of Shizuoka-shi,
Let's make countdown to Tokyo 2020 meeting together!

Including so far many citizen's everybodies Riyo Mori of Shizuoka-shi sightseeing goodwill ambassador,
Hirotoshi Masui of professional baseball player, Jong Tae-Se, Kazuya Murata of professional football player,
Shota Kaneko, Mayumi Kagita, Hiroki Sato of person of flamenco dancing
It is played an active part in various fields, and people with connection appear in Shizuoka.

In addition, Taiwanese land association performing camp just before the Tokyo Olympics Paralympics in Motoichi in 2020
As people of federation of badminton in Spain appear, please check.

As athlete, cultured person with connection is going to appear in Shizuoka in future
It is ... in fun

We look forward to your application by all means!


It is targeted for participation

Where we commute to and Shizuoka-shi living in Shizuoka-shi and are commuted

Shooting contents

We shoot video in phrase, "I try 0 0 hard (as for me) for 2020".
Staff of Shizuoka-shi sports interchange section will inform cross-plot, place later.

Participation method

Do you have you have you download "application and written consent" than the following and submit if you would like to participate?
Please use the following "electronic application".
Please contact the following reference if you have any questions about way or question.

Submission with paper becomes submission to "mail" or "sports interchange section window".
In addition, please be careful as submission of "application and written consent" is necessary after the application for electronic application.

[mailing address]
5-1, Otemachi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi Shizuoka the 16th floor of the government building 
Shizuoka-shi sports interchange section sports tourism promotion person in charge

Shizuoka-shi sports interchange section sports tourism promotion person in charge
Telephone 054-221-1037 FAX 054-221-1459

About publication

About publication day, it is decided in sports interchange section.
We publish by one person (group) a day until the day before Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony on Thursday, July 23, 2020!

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