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The last update date:
April 6, 2020
 Window of resident's card, family registers such as ward offices is crowded with procedures accompanied with moving very much in usual, March, April.
 We have the next information inflect to prevent new coronavirus infection spread and use procedure that there is without doing the next agency to ward offices such as convenience store grants of certificate, and cooperation, please in congestion reducing.

Please use convenience store grant service of 1 certificate

 Person whom you have my number card, and electronic certificate is available to can acquire various certificates such as copies of resident's card at convenience store.

Request for mail of 2 certificates is available, too

 About copy of resident's card, certificate (all the census registration (copy of a person's family register), personal matter certificate (extract from a person's family register), identification card) about family register, we can request by mail.

We can perform 3 notices of the change of address by mail

 We can perform notice of the change of address (when we move from Shizuoka-shi to other municipalities) by mail.

Thank you for your cooperation for prior making such as 4 applications

 We can download bill of various certificates with PCs of home. We can shorten time to stay at ward offices by having you prepare beforehand.

[finished.] We go window open agency on extension and holiday at 5 window time

 For the late March and early April, window of ward office Family Register and Resident Section is crowded for procedure and certificate grants such as transfer and employment, moving accompanied with entrance to school of school very much.
 Therefore we extend time in on weekdays and establish window on holiday.

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