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The last update date:
February 12, 2016


 It is count result (preliminary figure) of 2015 national census that we carried out on October 1, 2015.

 Please understand later as you may be different from result announced by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau.

 Public announcement of decision level is plan of around October, 2016.

  (when person wanting to see pushes here with Excel list, we can download.)

1 population and number of the households (we include comparison with result in 2010)

  2015 preliminary figure 2010 confirmed report value The number of the anti-last time increase and decrease Anti-last time ratio (%)
 The population total number 705,238 people 716,197 people -10,959 people -1. 5%
 Shoot; man 343,411 people 348,609 people -5,198 people -1. 5%
 Shoot; woman 361,827 people 367,588 people -5,761 people -1. 6%
 The number of the households 285,655 households 279,019 households +6,636 household +2. 4%
The staff per one household 2. 47 people 2. 57 people -0. One -3. 9%



A population of every two wards and the number of the households

  Aoi-ku Suruga-ku Shimizu-ku
 The population total number 253,677 people 212,490 people 239,071 people
 Shoot; man 121,787 people 105,281 people 116,343 people
 Shoot; woman 131,890 people 107,209 people 122,728 people
 The number of the households 101,541 households 90,533 households 93,581 households
 The staff per one household 2. Five people 2. 35 people 2. 55 people


 ※ Ratio (%) rounds off the decimal second place in the anti-last time.

 ※ The staff per one household rounds off the decimal third place.


As for the comparison with result, please see this in 2010. → Reference

As for the change from past findings, please see this. → Change





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