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The last update date:
May 22, 2020
Last Updated May 22 which we add as soon as new information becomes available.  /May 22 update

Information of new coronavirus infectious disease

 资讯 of Information on COVID-19/yu 关 new model coronal disease

About disease of new coronavirus <Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR)>
 Leaflet which is multilingual (tagengo) about the prevention (let's call) of new (shingata) coronavirus
▷ About disease (thumbtack comes) of new (shingata) coronavirus [plain Japanese]
▷ Regarding the new strain of Coronavirus (COVID-19) [English]
▷ 关 *shinkatakanjobyodoku (COVID-19) infectious disease [chukokugokantai]
▷ *oshinkatakan 狀 disease (COVID-19) infectious disease [chukokugohantai]
▷ Dịch viêm phổi do virus corona chủng mới (COVID-19) [Vietnamese]
▷ Paalala tungkol sa New Coronavirus (COVID-19)  [Philippine word]
▷ 신종코로나바이러스감염증(COVID-19)예방주의안내 [Korean]
▷ नयाँकोरोनाभाइरसकोसंक्रमणकोबारेमा [Nepalese]
▷ Sobre a infecção pelo Novo Coronavírus [Portuguese]
▷ ကိုရိုနာဗိုင်းရပ်စ်အမျိုးအစားသစ်ကူးစက်ရောဂါနှင့်ပတ်သက်၍ [Myanmarese]
▷ Mengenai Penyakit Infeksi Virus Corona Baru [Indonesian]
▷ Acerca del Nuevo Coronavirus (COVID-19) [Spanish]
▷ เกี่ยวกับการติดเชื้อไวรัสโคโรน่าสายพันธุ์ใหม่(COVID-19) [Thai]

▷ Avoid three "dense" (mitsu) (salmon); masho!
▷ Avoid the"Three Cs "! [English]
▷ hi 开3" dense "!

Foreign life support portal site (medical care) <Ministry of Justice>
 Information (joho) about medical care (iryo) of new (shingata) coronavirus for foreigner (gaikokujin) is compiled
 Foreign life support (gaikokujinseikatsushien) portal site (medical (iryo)) [plain Japanese]

The latest news <NHK WORLD> about new coronavirus
 We can see video (doga) of the latest information (saishinjoho) of new (shingata) coronavirus
 Japanese news that NHK WEB EASY is kind to

News from the emigration and immigration residence management agency

 Notice of Information from the Immigration Services Agency/emigration and immigration Administration Bureau 发 appearance

Including residence status procedure <the emigration and immigration residence management agency>
 It is main news from the emigration and immigration residence management agency (shutsunyukokuzairyukanricho).
▷ To everybody making life (result wins) in Japan (nihon): About submission (teishutsu) of documents (shorui) to Immigration Bureau (nyukan) [plain Japanese]
▷ Extension of the period for acceptance of applications and extension of the application examination results in order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) [English]

▷ About procedure for residence application (zairyushinsei) by extended (whether write) of new (shingata) coronavirus infectious disease (kansensho) (go through the procedure) [plain Japanese]
▷ Handling of Applications for Residence due to the Spread of New Coronavirus Infection [English]
▷ Each 办 law of nature 种 residence monkey 请 hand 续 [chukokugokantai] of 关 * 扩 daishinkatakanjobyodoku*byoji 发 life
▷ ***daishinkatakan 狀 byodoku*byoji*seimato 辦 rikakushuzairyusaruseishu* [chukokugohantai]
▷ Thôngbáovềxửlýcácthủtụcliênquanđến tưcáchlưutrúđãthụlýtrongtìnhhìnhdịch bệnhCOVID-19lâylanrộng [Vietnamese]
▷ Pag-asikasoNgPag-aplayNgResidenceStatus(Bisaupangmanirahan)NaApektadoNgCOVID-19 [Philippine word]
▷ 신형코로나바이러스감염증확대등을받은재류의모든신청취급에대해서 [Korean]

Support for individuals

 Support for Individuals/memmukikajimmatoshien

Special Supplementary Income Payment <Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications>

 Person with address (jusho) can get special Supplementary Income Payment (we untie) of one 100,000 yen (spread) in Shizuoka-shi (we do Shizuoka) on (nichi) on 27th in April (gatsu). Shizuoka-shi (we do Shizuoka) can speak online application (shinsei) by my number card from 11th (nichi) in May (gatsu). Documents (shorui) of mail application (yuusoshinsei) are so (put) ru plans (yotei) in turn (turn) from around the end of May (gatsumatsukoro)

 All foreign residents who are registered on the Basic Resident Registration System as of April 27, 2020
are eligible to receive the special cash payment benefit of 100,000 yen. Online applications using the My Number Card can be made from May 11th (Mon.) for Shizuoka City.  Application by mail can be made once you receive the application form which will be posted out consecutively from around late May.
 Notification of Special Cash Benefit 100,000 yen (How to fill out the application form (Example))

 It is person from gaikokujin*ka 每 领 tori 10 mannichigemmato* 别 constant 额补 assistant money of 进 line up 记 in people basics stand 帐 resident in *shi April 27, 2020. Static 冈 city own May 11 nichiki, ka*kajin 编 门户 * 页 zai*josaru 请. 邮 matsurigotosaru 请资 ryosho* end of May 开 shian 顺 jokide.
 Notice of 10 mannichigen* 别 constant 额补 assistant bull's-eye (*sha*rei)

 *shi April 27, 2020, yamezaijuminkihondaichojotokimato, special fixed amount subsidy of the gai*jin*ka 每 jinryotori 100,000 days cause. *okashiji May 11 nichiki, ka*kojinhen*matonyukuchimo*susumikosenjosarusei. *kisaruseishiryo*o 5 tsukimatsukaishianjunjokide.
 Notice (**hanrei) of the 100,000 days cause special fixed amount subsidy

▷ Guidance [Japanese] of special Supplementary Income Payment
▷ Guide to Special Cash Payments [English]
▷ Notice of 关 ** 别 constant 额补 assistant bull's-eye [chukokugokantai]
▷ Notice of 关 ** 别 constant 额补 assistant bull's-eye [chukokugohantai]
▷ Hướng dẫn vềTiền trợcấp cốđịnhđặc biệt [Vietnamese]
▷ Gabaypara sathe Special Cash Payments [Philippine word]
▷ 특별정액지급금안내 [Korean]
▷ Informações sobre o Auxílio Extraordinário de Valor Fixo [Portuguese]
▷ Pemberitahuan mengenai Subsidi Khusus dengan Nilai Tetap [Indonesian]
▷ Guía para la Solicitud de Ayuda Económica Especial [Spanish]
▷ คําชี้แนะสําหรับเงินจ่ายพิเศษ [Thai]
▷ tokubetsuteigakukyufukinnogoannai [Nepalese]

 Special Supplementary Income Payment portal site [Japanese]

 Special Supplementary Income Payment call center [Japanese correspondence]
 Phone number 0120-26 - 0020 time 9:00-18:30

 We talk, and Shizuoka-shi new model corona anything dials [Japanese correspondence]
 Phone number 0570-08-0567 reception hours 9:00-20:00

Postponement <National Tax Agency, Shizuoka, Shizuoka-shi> of the tax payment
 shii person with new (shingata) coronavirus infectious disease (kansensho) (people) whom the tax payment (annoying) criticizes by influence (eikyo) (muzuka) can do postponement (we say)
 About postponement (say) of the tax payment (is annoying is) of national tax (kokuzei) [Japanese]
 For taxpayers who face difficulty paying their national tax due to the influence of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) [English]

 About postponement (say) of the tax payment (is annoying is) of prefectural tax (kenzei) [Japanese]

 About postponement (say) of the tax payment (is annoying is) of city tax (shizei) [Japanese]
 About extension of due date of filing return of municipal tax, prefectural tax in view of infection spread of new coronavirus infectious disease [English/machine translation]

Urgent loan (urgent small financially general support fund) of temporary fund <Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare>
 Person (people) whom work (work) disappears and looked after on holiday (we do) is money debt rirukotogadekimasu which is shibarakunoaida necessary (need) in Council of Social Welfare (shakaifukushikyogikai)
▷ Announcement of urgent loan (we can borrow money that shibarakunoaida is necessary for) of temporary fund [plain Japanese]
▷ Guidance on Temporary Loan Emergency Funds [English]
▷ 临时-related 资 gold 紧 immediate 贷 subsection phase 关 kai 绍 [chukokugokantai]
▷ Hướng dẫn vềcho vay khẩn cấp quỹtạm thời [Vietnamese]
▷ 일시적인긴급자금대출에관한안내 [Korean]
▷ Aviso sobre o empréstimo emergencial de fundo temporário [Portuguese]
▷ Información sobre el préstamo temporal del fondo de emergencia [Spanish]

 Urgent small fund, general support fund consultation call center [Japanese correspondence] for individuals
 Phone number 0120-46-1999 reception hours 9:00-21:00 (we include on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

Securing of house stipend <Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare>
 There is application (shinsei) to have you pay ri which income (syunyu) reduces by closure (kyugyo), person from house (you do) maio shitsu (cow) uosoregaaru (people) rent (yachin) instead.
▷ Guidance [Japanese] of securing of house stipend
Information about the Housing Security Benefit [English]
▷ The Kanasashi south [chukokugokantai] belonging to residence security 给
▷ Hướng dẫn vềtiền trợcấpđảm bảo nơi cưtrú [Vietnamese]
▷ 주거확보급부금안내 [Korean]
▷ Explicação do Benefício para a Garantia de Moradia [Portuguese]
▷ Información del subsidio de aseguramiento de vivienda [Spanish]

Support for companies

Inquiry counter

 Consultation Desks/* 询 madokuchi

Foreign language-adaptive possible main consultation counter

1 New coronavirus infectious disease multiple languages telephone consultation counter (NPO corporation AMDA international medical information center)
  (from April 10, 2020 to May 20)
  Multilingual Consultation Service Regarding COVID19
  shinkatakanjobyodoku* 询 mado ⼝
  New crown 狀 byodoku**mado ⼝
  Trung tâm hỗtrợtưvấnđa ngôn ngữvềdịch Corona.
  New Coronavirus Multilingual Konsultasyon Center
  Centro de consulta multilingüe del Covid-19

  Phone number 03-6233-9266

2 Shizuoka-shi multicultural symbiosis synthesis consultation center (inner Shizuoka-shi International Association (SAME))
  Multilingual Consultation Service Shizuoka City
  The static 冈 city multicultural symbiosis 综 go* 询 center
  Trung tâm tưvấn tổng hợp cộngđồngđa văn hóa thành phốShizuoka
  Sentro ng Pangkalahatang Konsultasyon sa Multikultural Simbiyosis ng Lungsod ng Shizuoka
  Centro de Consulta Geral da Simbiose Multicultural da Cidade de Shizuoka
  Centro de Consulta General de Simbiosis Multicultural de la Ciudad de Shizuoka
  Pusat Konsultasi Umum Simbiosis Multikultural Kota Shizuoka
  Centre de consultation des résidentsétrangers de la Ville de Shizuoka

  Phone number 054-354-2009/054-273-5931


It is helpful and links (product for supporters)

 Useful Links/others phase 关 shinsoku

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