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The last update date:
July 1, 2020

We settled business of Shizuoka-shi that supported citizen's everybody.

Even Shizuoka-shi LINE official account tells about the latest information!
I would like friend addition by all means!
Friend addition

Shizuoka-shi is good. Stamp rally

Illustration which  comic artist Momoko Sakura from Shizuoka-shi describes famous place in the city and raised "has good Shizuoka-shi." We hold stamp rally around spot (all 3 courses ten places) in conjunction with this. It is intended that by going round imminent famous places triggered by stamp rally, connect with activation of local attractive rediscovery, recognizing anew and regional economy.
 According to course number that we cleared, we give novelty goods which Sakura original illustration entered.
 We can participate in W chance when luxurious prize is by lot when we clear all courses.

[eligible people]  Citizens of Shizuoka-limited
[period] From Wednesday, July 1, 2020 to Monday, August 31, 2020

By "theater in the town" - performance yell! ... ("theater in the town" pafominguatsu dispatch business incentive wages)

 "We can meet throb to be heated that anyone is boiled, "town wants to regain living full of smiles by activity of theater" while life is limited as for both citizen and the artist!"
Professional artists living in the city sent video of pafominguatsu.
Until day that new coronavirus infectious disease converges and can meet again in "town!"
Please enjoy performance of professional artist whom Shizuoka-shi is proud to with picture.

As for this video, "town publishes work subscribed for in Shizuoka-shi by theater" pafominguatsu dispatch business incentive wages.


Go To Shizuoka gift certificate

Targeting at tourists staying at the target accommodations in the city only in citizen of the prefecture, we distribute available "GoTo Shizuoka gift certificate" in restaurant, souvenir shop.

[eligible people] Person who lived in Shizuoka, and stayed at the target accommodations in the city
       ※When Shizuoka citizen stays at the target accommodations in the city, we become a target.
[gift certificate] We distribute gift certificate of 2,000 yen by accommodation 6,000 yen per person per night or more.
[receipt method] We receive at the time of the target accommodations check-in
[distribution period] It is around one month from Friday, June 19, 2020  ※10,000 first arrival
[period of service] From Friday, June 19, 2020 to August 10 (celebration, month)

Yell Shizuoka corona measures fund

We found fund to do thought to want to cooperate with measures of individual and corporation, group in form about new coronavirus infectious disease measures, and to utilize for each measure of medical care, the welfare, care and child care, education and recruit donations.

[business summary]
(1) We save contribution from individual and corporation, group in acceptance, fund.
(2) We allot resources to measure in conjunction with new coronavirus infectious disease and utilize fund.

#It is notice keyo Shizuoka cheering party in yell Shizuoka thought

 We established special website "# yell Shizuoka" to support people of commerce including restaurant affected by closure request and going out self-restraint by preventive measures against infection spread of new coronavirus.
 In "# yell Shizuoka", introducing site places information of restaurant which provides information of available service in closure request periods such as takeout delivery a lot. In addition, to change of the situation, we introduce campaigns for economic recovery sequentially.
♯Yell Shizuoka

Money of yell Shizuoka company support

 Money of support is paid to affected medium and small-sized business, small company and sole proprietor by new coronavirus infectious disease

[the amount of payment]
In 1 company 100,000 yen (when run plural business 100,000 yen)
[application reception desk periods]
From May 25, 2020 to August 31

Money of yell Shizuoka tourist industry support

 Under the influence of new coronavirus infectious disease, we support a part of necessary expense for business continuation to sightseeing proprietor receiving serious blow for management

[supporting target expenses]
Business continuation, expense assistance rate four-fifths for business scale maintenance
[application reception desk periods]
From May 25, 2020 to July 20

Yell Shizuoka lucky bag (finished)

♯Yell Shizuoka lucky bag

◆With yell Shizuoka lucky bag◆
What buy special product of Shizuoka-shi for discount, and can support local producers "yell Shizuoka lucky bag!"
Limited number of send assortment that there is a lot of charm of Shizuoka-shi such as fresh vegetables and fruit, gorgeous flower with special price every time.
We buy and support! Yell Shizuoka lucky bag!
◆Holding information◆
The date and time: Saturday, June 13, 2020
     10:00-14:00 rain or shine
※It becomes the end as soon as products disappear.
※Depending on the situation, it may hasten sale start.
Venue: Shizuoka bicycle race track south fourth parking lot (Oshika, Suruga-ku)
Sales system: On the day we sell on first-come-first-served basis only in drive-through format (only as for the cash sale)
※In consideration of packing form to hand safety and product other than car (foot, two-wheeled vehicle)
Visit is not accepted of this.
(1) "furubeji lucky bag"
 Retail price about 4,500 yen → 500 bags of 3,000 yen (tax-included) limitation
 (peach), tea (cold tea, leaf), assorted leaf ginger with wasabi (grater)

(2) "Fortune bouquet" 
Retail price about 4,000 yen → 500 bundles of 2,000 yen (tax-included) limitation
 (rose, torukogikyo, bouquet of mamu)
Instructions: Lucky bag which we can purchase can purchase (2) to two bundles to two bags because of one car in (1).
 Please contact us for your inquiries about each business to each department in charge.

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