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September 4, 2019
 Otani, Kojika district is flatland of a few large amount of non-cities left in Shizuoka-shi, and it is started service, and newly smart interchange of the Tomei Expressway is district with important positioning for development of the whole future Shizuoka-shi in September, 2019.

 "Otani, Kojika district town development grand design" which compiled policy of use of land is devised, and, about Ondabara, Katayama district, business for the purpose of creation of firm location site is pushed forward for preceding as "industry, distribution area", and, in December, 2017, "Ondabara, Katayama land adjustment association" is established, and design of division by temporary substitute lot designation is decided in March, 2019, too, and construction for base maintenance is beginning now until now.

 In Shizuoka-shi, we gather "industry accumulation policy" that determined type of industry to plan accumulation in this district, and improvement of productivity of the whole area and effective utilization of newly smart interchange decide to aim at location of company which is expected.

... that recruitment of location companies acceptance by ... Ondabara, Katayama land adjustment association was started          ※Recruitment of location companies is closed at 5:00 p.m. on October 31, 2019.※

 As placement of reservation place (sale) in Ondabara, Katayama district land adjustment association business division, sale image place, lease image place is announced in September, 2019, and offer of company which wish to advance to the district by duties caretaker (business coordinator) concerned began, company to be interested in, please confirm the details on association homepage of the following URL.


Ondabara, Katayama land adjustment association homepage (external link)

[Ondabara, Katayama district]

... which made firm location promotion subsidy program which depended on construction such as factories in ... Ondabara, Katayama district land readjustment project area

 In Shizuoka-shi, we devised summary of new subsidy program for realization of firm location along "industrial accumulation policy" to recruitment of companies.

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