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The last update date:
June 12, 2020
 This business is business to usually install air conditioner in classrooms of the city elementary and junior high school to protect "health" of child, student from rise in temperature of the recent summertime, and to improve learning environment again.

[elementary school]

 ≪The setting situation≫

  Setting was completed in all elementary school normal classrooms and special support classroom.

  "Thank you for your understanding and cooperation to construction."
The setting situation (the outdoors) The setting situation (the outdoors)
The setting situation (indoor) The setting situation (indoor)
  ※We plan setting of air conditioner in school library (it has been installed except school) before 2020. We update as soon as it is decided.  

[junior high school]

 ≪Setting time≫

  We complete setting from the autumn of 2020 to winter and assume beginning to use after setting completion.

  It is ... about request of ... air-conditioner setting moving up
    About air-conditioner setting of junior high school, it is period in summer vacation by heat of place and new coronavirus infection spread in this summer
   We receive abridgment of this and have a lot of voices of front-loaded request of setting.
    About air-conditioner setting, we make an effort toward early setting, but arrangement of supplier and air-conditioner apparatus are necessary
   By security of construction period, moving up is in the very difficult situation.

 [we would appreciate your understanding of citizen's all of you.]


  We examined setting order based on the following contents and, like the setting order of elementary schools, were decided.

  (1) We choose mammoth-sized school with much number of the children.
  (2) We construct neighboring schools in the mammoth-sized school in a mass and place an order.
  (3) The number of the children of mammoth-sized school constructs many groups sequentially for each ward and places an order.

  ※We usually install air conditioning in classroom, special support classroom and school library (it has been installed, and proofreading is excluded).

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