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April 1, 2019
 We promoted suicide measures in Motoichi generally and, aiming at "social realization without anyone being forced into suicide", devised "the third Shizuoka-shi suicide measures action plan".

 It is that this plan stood on the actual situation or problem of revision of suicide measures fundamental law, review of suicide synthesis measures general rules of country and suicide in Motoichi, and, during plan period, it is at four years from 2019 (Heisei 31).

 Suicide is caused by various factors being related, and, also, it is thought that it is the youngest death that most were forced into.
 In Motoichi, "promoting as comprehensive support of living" set five basic policies including "we strengthened cooperation with associated measure and work generally" in the cause of these common recognition, this plan.

 In addition, along basic policy, we set basic measure and key measure of 11 "promoting suicide measures to worker, manager, elderly person and the life poor" newly and included 138 business, approaches in total according to measures.

 By each section in agency concerned and each cooperation with engines of relationships, the training of gatekeeper (human resources who notice signature indicating danger of suicide, and can plan appropriate correspondence) go ahead through each business, approach steadily and we plan decrease of the suicide death rate (the suicide death toll per a population of 100,000 people) that is target value of plan and will be there in future.

The third Shizuoka-shi suicide measures action plan

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