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The last update date:
May 18, 2020

About the use reopening of sports facility

With emergency declaration having been delivered in Shizuoka on April 7,
As infection prophylaxis until Sunday, May 31 the use of sports facility
We decided to stop,
Following the fact that emergency declaration was canceled,
We restart the use of sports facility as follows.

≪Resumption day≫

(1) We reopen from indoor facility Monday, June 1, 2020
               ※Some facilities reopen from Tuesday, June 2, 2020

(2) We reopen from outdoor facility Monday, May 25, 2020
               ※Some facilities reopen from Tuesday, May 26, 2020

          ≪Target facility≫ 
          ・Nishigaya General Athletic Field              
          ・Shimizu General Athletic Field
   ・Existence degree mountain multi-purpose park ※
          ・The northern part of a castle athletic ground
          ・Nagasakishinden sports open space
          ・Shimizu National training center
          ・Shimizu Ihara Stadium (baseball field, the second baseball stadium)
          ・Nihondaira Sports Park
          ・Hebitsuka, Shimizu sports ground
          ・Nakajima tennis open space
          ・The Abe River riverbed sports open space (as for target sports open space list)
          ・The Fuji River riverbed sports open space
          ・Nakajima artificial turf multi-purpose ground
          ・Wide sand tennis open space
          ・Sakuragaoka, Shimizu Park
          ・Shishihara sports open space
          ・Kusanagi sports open space
          ・seisuisanhokaishima sports open space
          ・Shimizu Station east exit climbing ground
          ・Yui River riverbed sports open space

  ※As for the list of use reopening days every facility, please see this 

  In addition, by request for Shizuoka-shi Board of Education dated May 15, 2020,
  As club activities will reopen after June 1 as far as they are possible,
  Person who is younger than high school student is not available until Sunday, May 31.
  Please use after Monday, June 1.


In the use of sports facility

We would appreciate your noting the following matters on using sports facility.

In any of the following matters, stop the use voluntarily
 ◇When we are not well-conditioned (when there are symptoms such as fever, a cough, throat e.g.)
 ◇When infection is doubted, and living together family and immediate acquaintance have
 ◇Country where entry restrictions, observation period after entry are needed within the past 14 days by the government,
   When there is close contact with travel to areas or the resident concerned

Bring mask
 (when we do verge and conversations that do not play sports such as in acceptance or change of clothes
  Wearing mask)

◆Carry out finger sterilization with brisk hand-washing, alcohol

◆Distance (as much as possible 2m or more) with other users, the facility manager staff
  Finding (except instruction of person with a disability and case assisting)

◆Do not do conversation, support in loud voice during the use

◆The observance of other measures that facility manager decided for prevention of infection,
  Obey instructions of facility manager

◆When new coronavirus infectious disease develops within two weeks after the use,
  Report presence of close contact for facility manager immediately

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