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The last update date:
March 26, 2015
On Shizuoka-shi homepage, we offer search feature by keyword designation.
We locate keyword input column and [search] button in the right upper part of each page like the chart below.
[search] button of the right upper part of each page

Search method

Search by single keyword

It is the most basic search technique to appoint one word that we want to check.
We input keyword in conjunction with objective information into keyword input column [search] and click button.

 Input example) seal registration

We search document including either keyword

We search document including one of the plural words.
After inputting "space" "OR" (half size capital letter) "space" after putting space after keyword that is already input, we add new keyword.

We do input example) Shizuoka-shi OR Shizuoka

We search excluding specific keyword

When we exclude specific keyword from search results, we give negative sign (-) just before keyword targeted for exclusion.

Input example) seal registration - application

Search results screen

Indication, confirmation of search results

Up to ten search results are displayed by plot surface.
In the case of majority, applicable search results link screen number to the lower part of search results screen, and, [forward], link is displayed [to next].
By clicking each link of the search results lower part, can confirm candidate other search results first when objective information is not found with displayed search results screen.

When it is shown saying "there is not result"

When it is too with many input keywords or long, search results may not be displayed.
Please search again for we reduce keyword or shortening.
In addition, information just after exhibition may need time until we are targeted for search.

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